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Our approach to coaching is a co-created journey of discovery, growth and potential.
Discovering more of who you are and working with you to untap all of your potential. Focusing on your growth and development, personally and professionally.

What is our approach?

We will work with you to identify key goals that you want to move towards. Following identification of goals, we may decide to understand more about you and how you operate as a person. Occasionally this may include looking at patterns that have occurred in your life and how these have influenced choices that you have made.

If the coaching is supported by the organisation we will discuss with you expectations of line managers, how the coaching will be measured and explicit exploration and understanding of confidentiality agreements.

Between sessions, you are likely to be tasked on specific areas that may include integration and application of things that you have learnt as part of the coaching process, back into the workplace.

Is it for me?

The purpose of coaching is to provide an opportunity for individuals to benefit from coaching outside of the normal work context.

Many individuals take advantage of a coaching opportunity as a way to address areas of their life that they would not normally take the time to consider within a busy career and home life. Coaching enables the individual to reflect on their own personal effectiveness and how to improve this to enable sustained success in the workplace.

Coaching is different from counselling, in that the individual is encouraged to work towards goals and takes responsibility for the coaching relationship and outcomes that are agreed.
The coaching is provided in a confidential and secure environment where you will receive individual attention to facilitate you towards goals and aspirations in your life, addressing any potential blocks that may arise along the way.

Our Accreditation

Lisa de Rijk is a Professional Certified Coach with the International Coach Federation. The ICF sets high ethical standards and provides independent certification of professional coaches.

How to Contact us

You can discuss your coaching requirements in confidence with Lisa de Rijk by calling 07802 985282 or emailing


We offer a fee structure that supports individuals to fund their own coaching or to receive organisational support. Please enquire for further details.


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