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Change Management

We support organisations and individuals to grow at the level of vision, mission and spirit. We will support you by providing contexts and experiences to bring out the best in you and your people. Our aim is to enable you to become awakened to the possibilities and choices that exist through your own expansion and growth.

Method of Working

Awaken’s approach is very much one of undertaking a diagnosis of where the Organisation or Team is currently at in terms of values, capabilities and behaviours and how each of these impact on the performance of the organisation measured through the results that the Organisation is getting. Organisational behaviour and whether or not it has successful performance management is determined more by people’s attitudes and commitment to getting the best out of themselves and others, rather than technical performance management systems. If an individual feels valued and knows why they are doing what they are doing, then they are more likely to perform to their full potential. If an individual feels devalued, sees the job as a paycheque at the end of the month and can see minimal or no outputs for their efforts, then they are not motivated to give 100% performance.

This approach can be seen as going against the grain of traditional and more familiar approaches, and yet where organisations have adopted this change in mindset, lasting and demonstrable change towards increased levels of performance has occurred.

Management Consulting

Awaken Consulting have a proven track record of providing Consultancy Services to a variety of organisations. Past experience includes:

  • Consultancy to the Construction Sector since 2003 providing leadership development, coaching, branding, successful bidding, customer journey and matrix working.
  • Consultancy to Northern Foods Group 1998 - 2010. Extensive experience in leadership development, executive coaching, marketing, sales, policy development.
  • Consultancy to Pharmaceutical sector since 1998. Extensive experience in working with sales, marketing, regulatory affairs, HR and personnel providing coaching, training and leadership development.
  • Consultancy Experience to a diverse range of organisations in coaching, training, facilitation, change management since 1997
  • Consultancy to NHS primary and secondary care organisations, on issues incorporating policy guidance and implementation into business development, clinical and management processes. Design and delivery of team and management development programmes


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