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Breakthrough Coaching retreat


A Breakthrough Coaching Retreat offers you the opportunity to take some time out for yourself in Snowdonia. Our retreat is situated in the Llanberis Pass on the side of Snowdon.

You will have exclusive use of a warm cosy self-catering cottage during your overnight stay. Weather permitting, we will also make the use of the outdoor environment. (Longer stays may be arranged for those who want to take the opportunity for a longer mini-break)

Who is this designed for?

  • Busy individuals who want time out to reflect, recharge and take advantage of high level performance coaching.

  • Individuals who want to connect with their own purpose and be in a space that enables creativity and deep reflection

  • Anyone who enjoys nature and is keen to remove barriers to their own success and explore their true potential

Who can attend?

  • Breakthrough sessions are available for clients who have recent previous psychological history or who has recently seen a counsellor, psychologist, psychotherapist or psychiatrist.

  • Anyone who wants to breakthrough to their own personal success.

What does the session involve?

  • After booking the session you are asked to complete a pre-session questionnaire.
    You are asked about your outcomes for the session and patterns in your life so far.
    This questionnaire is returned one week prior to your session.

  • Lisa will discuss your outcomes with you and design a programme that gives you the maximum opportunity to reflect and enjoy the environment.

  • We will consider the patterns in your life and your perceptions of these.

  • You will have the opportunity to explore your values and consider your motivation for what you do and why you do it.

  • Lisa will support you to alter any limiting beliefs or old patterns of behaviour.

  • Integration and reflection.

  • Goal setting and taking your new way of thinking and behaving into your future.



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